twitter net worth

Twitter Net Worth

Twitter Net Worth: With more than 330 million users, the most one of the most social blogging sites, Twitter is doing slight off in its business in terms of revenue, income, and total equity as the bar is going down. Twitter Net Worth Twitter has a fair percentage of market share in the social media …

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Alphabet Net Worth

Alphabet Net Worth

Alphabet Net Worth: World’s third-largest technology company by revenue with shareholder equity valued at 222.54 billion US dollars and a PE ratio of 29.52. Alphabet Net Worth The world’s most valuable company holds 64.23% of the market share in total advertising and 84.34% in Adsense network websites. Alphabet Incorporation owns many well-known subsidiaries – Verily, …

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nike net worth

Nike Net Worth

Nike Net Worth: The worldwide marketer and seller of footwear, accessories, and apparel have fixed themselves at a steady position in the market with a PE ratio of 38.52 and an all-time high stock closing price of 173.85. Nike Net Worth The largest footwear company in the world has a market share of about 28%. …

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adobe net worth

Adobe Net Worth

Initially named Adobe Systems Incorporation is a global computer software company with an all-time high stock price of 667.59 as of September 03, 2021. Adobe Net Worth Adobe Incorporation was reported as the World’s largest cloud software provider with a 9% market about two years ago. But recently this percentage rose and currently, Adobe covers …

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goldman sachs net worth

Goldman Sachs Net Worth

Goldman Sachs Net Worth: Originally called The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., is the leading financial services provider with a PE ratio of 7.03 and an all-time high stock closing price at 384.89. Goldman Sachs Net Worth Goldman Sachs holds a market share of 31.21% in the trading and investment segment, 10.88% in investment banking, 98.83% …

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Uber Net Worth

Uber Net Worth

Having an all-time stock closing price at 63.18, Uber Technologies is the most popular ride-hailing company which also deals in food and package delivery, couriers, and freight transportation. Uber Net Worth Uber serves as the kingpin in the industry with a market share of about 38%. Today the net worth of Uber is estimated to …

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Mc Donald Net Worth

Mc Donald Net Worth

The worldwide most famous fast-food company, McDonald’s holds the largest food chain restaurant by revenue with around 37,900 outlets spread across 100 countries serving almost 70 million customers every day. Mc Donald Net Worth McDonald’s is growing rapidly by bringing and updating its menus about every six months. It has a market share of 22.4% …

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Intel Net Worth

Intel Net Worth

The multinational technology company, Intel has made its name as the world’s largest manufacturer of semiconductors by revenue. However, the year 2020 has not been so well in terms of finances for Intel as it observed a decline of 21.58% in its net income. Intel Net Worth Once holding the world’s biggest market share in …

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Bank Of America Net Worth

Bank Of America Net Worth

The eighth-largest bank in the world, Bank of America serves about 10.73% of all American bank deposits. The shares outstanding for Bank of America were 8.736 billion with a PE ratio of 14.09. Bank Of America Net Worth The Bank of America held a record of covering 11.46% of market share by domestic deposits in …

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