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Colgate Net Worth

Colgate Net Worth 

With a pricing growth of 10% and a PE ratio of 24.25, Colgate – Palmolive is rising on the graph. Colgate engages in the production and distribution of health care and personal care consumer products.

Colgate Net Worth 

Colgate’s total sales were made from around 17% in pet nutrition, 18% in home care, 21% in personal care, and 44% in oral care. It has a total market share of somewhat 8%. The company has its share equity valued at 1.1 billion US dollars. The net worth of Colgate – Palmolive is estimated at 64.64 billion US dollars. Colgate has various brands all over the world under its names like Axion, Cibaca, Darlie, Irish Spring, Murphy Oil Soap, Suavitel, Tom’s of Maine, Filorga, and many more.

Colgate Monthly Turnover

It observed an increase of 9.31% in its revenue and 10.71% in net income year-over-year. Colgate -Palmolive quarterly revenue for June of 2021 was 4.260 billion US dollars. The company received a net income totaling 703 million US dollars. The company’s total liabilities for the third quarter stood at 15.137 billion US dollars. With assets being at 15.999 billion US dollars.

Colgate Annual Turnover

Colgate has observed a hike of 6.15% in its net income and a 7.18% increase in its revenue year-over-year. The total assets of the company are valued at 15.92 billion US dollars. While its total liabilities are standing at the amount of about 14.819 billion US dollars. It enjoyed an annual turnover of around 17.081 billion USD. The company generated an operating income of around 3.987 billion US dollars.


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