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Arijit Singh Net Worth

Arijit Singh Net Worth- salary. earnings car collection

Arijit Singh, the name is enough to recognize his voice. The huge fan following artist has gained massive popularity within few years. He sings predominantly in Bengali and Hindi and in other languages too. In the beginning, when Arijit participated in the TV show Fame Gurukul in 2005 at that time he didn’t receive much attention.

In 2013, when Arijit Singh sang Tum Hi Ho and Chahun Main Ya Naa, widely he was known to many.  Well, Spotify declared him as the most-streamed Indian artist of the year in 2020.

The essence of music has come from his house where his maternal aunt trained him in Indian Classical Music. At the age of 3, Arijit started training under the Hazar brothers. And, at the age of nine, he received a scholarship from a Government school for training in vocals in Indan classical music.

Arijit Singh Net Worth

Being the most popular singer in the country Arijit Singh charges 8 to 10 lakhs per song. From his initial singing career to till now, Arijit Singh net worth has seen a huge hike of 100%.

Apart from this, Arijit Singh charges 1.5 crores for a one-hour performance. Also, he runs an NGO named ‘Let there be Light’ which works for the BPL community. Overall, Arijit Singh net worth is around Rs. 52 crores.

Arijit Singh Net Worth Yearwise

As said earlier, Arijit Singh net worth has seen a massive hike of 100% in recent years. As you can see the below table which highlights the growth of Arijit Singh net worth.

Net Worth in 2018 Rs 35 Crores INR
Net Worth in 2019 Rs 42 Crores INR
Net Worth in 2020 Rs 47 Crores INR
Net Worth in 2021 Rs 52 Crores INR

Arijit Singh Salary/Earnings

As said earlier Arijit Singh charges a good amount of money when it comes to live concerts or recording a song. Check Arijit Singh salary or earnings. Apart from this, you can also check Arijit Singh yearly earnings.

Per Show Charge Rs 50 lakh
Per Song Charge Rs 10 lakhs
Personal Investment Rs. 12 crores

Arijit Singh House

Arijit Singh owns four flats in one building in Versova. Each flat has costed him above Rs. 1 crore. Well, one of his flats costs him Rs. 1.80 crore which is 32 square meters. And, the second flat costs him Rs. 2.20 crore which is 70 square meters.

The third flat of Arijit costs him Rs. 2.60 crore which is 80 square meters. And, the last one he bought for Rs. 2.5 crore which is 70 square meters. For all of these flats, Arijit Singh has paid Rs. 54 lakh in stamp duty.

Currently, Arijit Singh lives in Navi Mumbai house whose cost is Rs. 9 crores.

Arijit Singh Cars Collection

Arijit Singh owns a luxurious car collection, in which Range Rover, Mercedes are listed. You can check the following table which showcases Arijit Singh cars.

S.N Name Engine Price
1 Range Rover Vogue 2993cc-2996cc Rs. 1.97 crores to Rs. 4.09 crore
2 Hummer H3 6.0 L V8 (2002–07)
6.2 L V8 (2008–09
Rs. 75 Lakhs
3 Mercedes-Benz E- class 1950cc-3982cc Rs. 62.78 to Rs.1.53 crore

Arijit Singh Salary/Earnings

Arijit Singh has earned massive money from singing and from live concerts. As you can see we have highlighted Arijit SIngh salary for each year. Arijit Singh salary or net worth both has seen a healthy hike in the past years.

Year Earnings
2015 Rs 3 Crores
2016 Rs 4 Crores
2017 Rs 5 Crores
2018 Rs 6 Crores
2019 Rs 7 Crores
2020 Rs 8 Crores


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