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Marion Cotillar is a talented actress, well-known and popular on both sides of the Atlantic. She became a real star in her native France and then went to conquer Hollywood.

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The movies “Johnny D”, “Inception”, “La Vie en Rose” made her a real star of American cinema, and also brought her a lot of awards. For acting in these films the actress earned more than $ 20 million. At the moment, Marion is one of two European actresses who managed to get an “Oscar”, acting in a film in a language foreign for her. And this fact itself is worthy of respect.

The first work in the cinema of the young French beauty was the role in the legendary TV series “Highlander” with Adrian Paul in the lead. In 1994, at the age of nineteen, she appeared in an episode of “Nowhere to Run”, due to which, she got noticed by French directors. In the following years, the actress began to appear in movies and on television frequently.

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Together with one of the most prestigious theater awards, the show gave her an opportunity to manifest herself in a new movie. Such a film for the young actress was the comedy “Taxi” by Luc Besson, which soon became a European hit. Soon two more films “Taxi 2” and “Taxi 3” were released. The trilogy became extremely popular in all parts of Europe and soon was acknowledged as one of the most successful projects in the history of French cinema. For acting in the film, the actress received a fee of $ 15 million.


Marion Cotillard`s Career across the Ocean

In 2006, the actress acted in two Hollywood films “Fair Play” and “A Good Year”. These movies predetermined Marion`s success in the US and became quite popular. Marion thought it was a real success.

So, “Golden Globe”, “Oscar”, the main award of the British Film BAFTA, and her second gold “Cesar” appeared in her collection of awards. However, the main award for French actress was a new wave of popularity and people’s love. Directors gladly invited her to their new projects, and she finally got the opportunity to choose only the best films among all the rest.


Marion Cotillard Now

Today Marion Cotillard is one of the most popular and sought-after actresses in the world cinema, that`s why now we can confidently say that soon new and exciting roles will appear in her filmography.

Marion Cotillard`s Personal Life

Since 2007 the French actress is cohabiting with the famous actor Guillaume Canet, with whom she once played lovers in the film “Love Me If You Dare”. In the year 2008 they got engaged. In 2011 their son Marcel was born. Marion Cotillard has two brothers – Quentin and Guillaume. The first one is known as a sculptor and painter, and the other one – as a talented writer, the author of numerous novels and literary works.

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