Jackson Rathbone

Net Worth $ 29 Million

The Lyricist and Athlete

Jackson began to build his career in Texas. The young man joined the Midland Theatre. There he was involved in the youth musical production “The Pickwick Players”. Rathbone easily dealt with both creative and sports activities. He played soccer, baseball, football and basketball.

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And at the same time the active young man started to perform as a mobile DJ. However, Jackson didn`t manage to deal with such a great number of activities and decided to practice only his favorite ones. Rathbone chose music and acting.

In 2006, the young actor got a leading role in the movie “Pray for Morning”. It was the independent thriller, written and directed by Cartney Wearn. Afterwards, Jackson began to work on the role in the family series for ABC “Beautiful People”. Rathbone jumped at the opportunity to work on the incredible project with the great team of the creators. For his working on the film, the actor earned $ 2 million.

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Jackson Rathbone performed his most famous and popular role in 2008. The actor played the vampire, named Jasper, in “Twilight”. That was the film adaptation of the popular American novel, written by Stephenie Meyer. The film turned out to be a great success. As a result, the actor gained the worldwide popularity.

The work was so great that, afterwards, each next year Jackson acted in the sequel of “Twilight”.


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