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Net Worth $ 23 Million

Donna`s First Songs

At the age of 18, the girl left Boston and went to New York. There, she was cast for the Broadway show “Hairs”. She got the role in the German production of the musical. It turned out to be a great success.

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A year later, Donna was invited to the European troupe of the musical. She took the conclusive decision to move to another continent due to the contagion of nationalism in the USA. At first, she earned not so much, but she could get several million dollars for one tour around the USA.

Donna began performing at the Vienna State Opera. In addition, she worked as a model and a background singer. Within that period she met the producer Giorgio Moroder and his partner Pete Bellot. Donna signed a contract with them, and soon her first single «The Hostage» was released.

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Everything changed after the release of the song «Love to love you baby». To the US the singer returned being famous. The album «Love to love you baby» became a golden one, and Donna Summer was recognized to be the queen of disco, one of the most popular musical genres. Each new album set records. Donna Summer was called the living classic of current music. She received dozens of awards and earned about 15 million dollars due to working on several albums.

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