Michael Trevino Net Worth

Net Worth $ 23 Million Michael Trevino is the bright American actor, who became a real star after the release of the mystical series “The Vampire Diaries”.

Suzanne Collins Net Worth

Net Worth $ 50 Million Known as American television writer and novelist, she is Suzanne Marie Collins or mostly known as Suzanne Collins by her novels that became the best-selling novels such as The […]

J.K Rowling Net Worth

Net Worth $ 1 Billion I’m sure that if you have seen the Harry Potter series or read the novel about it, you must be recognized J.K Rowling as the author. She is British […]

Stephen King Net Worth

Net Worth $ 400 Million I’m sure you all know about who Stephen King is. He is the master or American author which specialized himself in contemporary horror, suspense, science fiction and fantasy. Born […]

E.l. James Net Worth

Net  Worth $ 60 Million I know that first time; you must think that E.l. James is a man. In fact, born as Erika Leonard in 7 March 1963, she is British author that […]

Howard Stern Net Worth

Net Worth $ 500 Million Howard Allan Stern or mostly known as Howard Stern was born January 12, 1954. He is American radio host that has more than $500 Million as his net worth […]

James Patterson Net Worth

Net Worth $ 310 Million Becoming Top 10 richest authors in 2012,  he is James Paterson, a bestselling American author who has $310 million as his net worth so far. He was born on […]