Jackson Rathbone

Net Worth $ 29 Million The Lyricist and Athlete Jackson began to build his career in Texas. The young man joined the Midland Theatre. There he was involved in the youth musical production “The Pickwick […]

Mark Dacascos Net Worth

Net Worth $ 37 Million Mark Dacascos is the actor, whose name has become the symbol of the era of the nineties. At that time, this brilliant actor acted in all the action movies.

Matt Smith Net Worth

Net Worth Matt Smith`s Theater and Television Career The young student was mad on theatre. His first role was the role of Thomas Becket in the play “Murder in the Cathedral”. Matt proved to […]

Ben Barnes Net Worth

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Net Worth $ 23 Million In 2008 the novice actor got a rather unusual role in the film “Bigga than Ben”, in which Barnes co-worked with Andrei Chadov, the Russian actor, and played the role of […]

Dev Patel Net Worth

Net Worth $ 2 million Dev Patel is the British actor of an Indian descent, best known for the role of Jamal Malik in Danny Boyle’s movie “Slumdog Millionaire”. This role brought the actor not […]

Carlos Pena Net Worth

Net Worth $ 25 Million Carlos Pena is a talented young actor, who became popular after the release of the series «Big Time Rush». This comedy sitcom brought our hero enormous popularity and made […]

Robert Hoffman Net Worth

Net Worth $ 20 Million Robert Hoffman is a talented American dancer and choreographer, who managed to make an excellent career in the cinema world. He is handsome, flexible, talented, and these characteristics predetermined his […]

Colin Firth Net Worth

Colin Firth

Net Worth $ 37 Million Colin began his career in 1984. At that moment, he acted in the television movie “Camille” with Ben Kingsley and Greta Scacchi. Critics liked the young debutant`s acting. And later, […]

Estella Warren Net Worth

Estella Warren 2015

Net Worth $ 25 Million Estella Warren is a well-known Canadian actress who became really popular after the release of “Driven” and “Planet of the Apes”. These films brought her huge success, making our […]

Filiz Ahmet Net Worth

Filiz Ahmet

Net Worth $ 8 Million Filiz Ahmet is another bright star of Turkish television, who became world famous, after the series “The Magnificent Century” was released. For acting in the series, the actress earned about […]