Bruce Jenner Net Worth

Net Worth $ 100 Million

Bruce Jenner Net Worth1 Bruce Jenner Net Worth

Bruce Jenner Net Worth

Bruce Jenner, track and field athlete, socialite, television personality and businessman which also step father of Kim Kardashian predicted to have net worth about $100 million. Bruce Jenner who started his professional athlete  since very young announced becoming of of the richest athlete in America.

It was reported that Bruce Jenner assets will be increased from time to time since today he is becoming celebrity and businessman. Recently Bruce Jenner created business company named Bruce Jenner Aviation which sells aircraft supplies also reported plays major role to increased his wealthy pot.

William Bruce Jenner who married actress Kris Houngton in 1991 used to known as Olympic athlete. At first, it was revealed that Bruce Jenner only received $9,000 per year by being an insurance salesman in that time. But after winning a gold medal at 1976 Montreal Summer Olympic games its likely that Bruce Jenner assets getting more and more increased. A lot of brands and sponsor like  Wheaties breakfast cereal, Coca-Cola and IBM Computers was reported delivering him to get richer.

There is rumor that Bruce Jenner sued by his wife about $25million due their divorce rumor. But until now both Bruce and Kriss Jenner just laugh off regarding their divorce rumor which floated around their life.

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