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Net Worth $ 75 Million

Barbra Streisand is a greatly talented woman. She has built a successful career as a singer, actress, composer, director and political activist. The total circulation of her albums has exceeded 145 million copies and she was not once awarded the most prestigious film awards for her acting.barbra streisand love songs Barbra Streisand Net Worth

Today, this woman is a living legend of the world show business. Still, has she already achieved everything, which she wants? Surely, she has not. After all, this bright woman`s life goes on. So, our today’s article about her life and creative activities will be very relevant.

The Beginning of Barbra Streisand`s Career

In the early sixties Barbra Streisand left her home to earn by herself. For a long time she was singing in the gay clubs of Manhattan, participating in various auditions. It is noteworthy that during this period she performed under the weird pseudonym “Barbra”.

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She worked much in the studio and managed to record thirty-four studio albums during her brilliant career. Besides, most Barbra Streisand`s records became platinum on the basis of sales in the US and Canada. The singer`s albums has been quite popular in Europe, too. For each album, having become platinum, the singer earned about $ 5 million. During her impressive career, Barbara earned about $ 100 million.

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